Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why do children have to be so honest?

I didn't know where to hide my face...

On Wednesdays Nathan and I take Matthew to his gymnastics class. We usually sit in the "viewing-deck" which has a single row of chairs, packed to capacity with parents proudly watching their little ones. A slightly overweight lady moved passed us and took the seat next to us. Nathan looked at me and asked "Pappa, whozat?" to which I replied "This is a lady". He then walked up to her, pointed to her tummy and asked "There a baby in there?"


It doesn't even help to apologize. "Um ah pha... Nathan, look! Matthew is on the rings!"

It reminds me of when Matt was about Nathan's age. After a Sunday service he stood at the door with me greeting the people. A couple of ladies from the W.A. came to greet. Matt said "Hello ladies", turned to me making a gesture with his arms suggesting upper thighs inflating and said "BIIIIIIIG ladies". "Um ah pha... Good bye, God bless, see you on Wednesday."

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