Wednesday, February 27, 2008


By the way, with this post I'm passing the 200 posts mark.

A member of our congregation popped in seeking guidance. I met with him and after our session escorted him to his car. He then piped up with the question: "Moruti (minister in Sotho), do you work here (at the church) full-time?", to which I responded: "Yes", not quite knowing where this was going.

So, he tried again: "Moruti, do you work here the whole day?", and my answer was again "Yes.". So he tried again: "You work here and you have a PhD?". As soon as I responded with another "Yes", he burst out laughing and looked at me in disbelief. I must admit that I was a bit stunned by his response. Who did he expect to find at the church to help him with his problem? The Easter Bunny?

He went on: "Don't you teach or lecture?" and I told him about my work at John Wesley College. "How much do they pay you?" "About R60 per month". "Hahahahahahahahaha".


He then climbed in his Volvo 4X4, reminding me in passing that in the modern world one should earn enough to retire at 50.

And so I returned to my office, writing articles, chapters for books, sermons, bible study material, an order of service for Sunday, listening to old ladies complaining about the speed of the ceiling fans in the church and waiting for the next person to arrive seeking counseling. Later, I'll climb in my small Atos to fetch my son from school and then take him to gymnastics, which we can barely afford, but which he loves.

Do I mind? No.

A nice house R2mil, a nice car R300 000, feeling fulfilled - priceless.

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Steven Jones said...

Hi Wessel

I can understand this person's confusion, as I get this kind of question all the time: "You have a Master's degree in financial management, a job paying in excess of half a million rand a year, good prospects - what on EARTH are you doing wanting to give all that up to go and become a minister?"

My son James (aged 9) summed it up nicely for me as I was lying in the bath this morning. I asked him whether he still thought it was "cool" that I was becoming a minister. His answer: "Absolutely, Dad. I don't mind that we won't be able to buy all the things that we used to, as long as you are doing what God told you to".

Another Kleenex moment - priceless!