Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sorry for the outburst!

Apologies to God and all readers for my outburst.

God answered in the funeral service held today at the Krugersdorp-North Nederduits Herformde Kerk.

Ds. Fourie preached on Habakkuk 1 and the concluded with Habakkuk 3. If you have an Afrikaans Bible, you will find Habakkuk's complaints much better expressed than what is available in the NIV. (My opinion).

Oom George, rest in peace.


Pete Grassow said...

Wes: I see no reason for an apology. Anger is a healthy emotion. It can drive us to creativity and prevent complacency.
My condolences to your family

Anonymous said...

Hey you! One of the saddest things ever said to my father when my brother lay in a vegetable state, was that he was not allowed to be angry with God. He never got over that until he realised that God was angry also. Why shouldn't He be? Even He who created us must feel extreme rage and sadness when this sort of thing happens! And we never see good in any of these sad events until many years later... and then we realise how much good He creates out of the bad...

This is my first hand experience. My rage at God when my brother had his accident was because I never felt that he should have been injured, after all he was the best loved, the married one, the father with two kids, whereas I wouldn't have left a dent! So I thought. and only years later do I realise how much that has added to the testimony in my life. And only now do I see the good coming through.

My heart does go out to those who are left that suffer because of these things, but I know from firsthand experience that He does provide comfort and refuge, and who are we to deny anyone access to His kingdom. But it doesn't stop the pain, that may take forever....

Luvies, hugs to u all!

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Miss jane said...