Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nathan Daniel Bentley is here!

Nathan Daniel Bentley is here! He was born at 12:45, weighed 2.85kg.

Here is a pic of him shortly after birth.

Here is a proud dad!

Mommy and Son, happy together.

Here Nathan is sleeping.

Thanks for all the prayers!


digitaldion said...

Many blessings friends!

He truly is a baby with no guile! (look up Nathaniel in the Bible... He was the only person Jesus ever paid this wonderful compliment to).

He is a gift to a very gifted family that deserves every gift they get!

Gus said...

Hallelujah! (Did I spell it right?)

digitaldion said...

So, how about that! Great minds think alike! Who can believe that we were to have the birth of our sons just a few days apart!!!

You guys were so on the ball, and organised, that you got Nate out while little Liam was still playing around. I llok forward to having our sons grow up together.

Gus said...

O flip - I think I sense the birth of great heresies.

They'll be talking about Moltmann and Barth and systematic theology before they learn to play rugby.