Thursday, November 09, 2006

Almost here!

Our baby boy is almost here. Natalie is scheduled for theatre at 12:30 on Tuesday the 14th November.

We are very excited about the little one's arrival, but a bit anxious at the same time. We ask for your prayers for health and a pleasant birth-experience.

We hope that Matthew and Little One (Name to be announced at his
birth) will grow up in a world that is tolerant, serious about peace and has the ability to love beyond the spectrum of faith and nationality.

Won't be blogging until next Tuesday. Got exams to write, baby to catch, dogs to feed, doors to open for strangers...


Anonymous said...

strength to you my dear brother

(rfukoyu is the word verification!)

digitaldion said...

Yup, catch well!

Remember, even though you're a doctor you cannot deliver this baby!




Gus said...

Wow! and I thought getting a new puppy was daunting.tzh

Lydia said...

Dear Nathan

A warm welcome into this world! Congratulations to your proud parents. Nathalie, all the best caring for 3 men. May God bless your family.

Lots of love
From Paris
Paul, Lydia, Ruben en Michelle