Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Somebody takes my doctor-ate seriously!!!

The project manager overseeing our building operation is a member of the congregation. He sub-contracted the building to a youngish guy who is fantastic. I suppose it is a novalty for some of the congregation-members to say that their minister is "studying to become a doctor"...

This afternoon, on arriving home, this builder came to me, striking up a conversation, saying "Are you a doctor already?" to which I replied quite concisely (not to drag the topic on too long): "Not yet, but soon."

He then started speaking in a lower, rougher voice, stroking his throat and said "Eish, it is burning here, what must I take?". I was really not going to try to explain the difference between eschatology and a colonoscopy, so I gave him a Strepsil.

He then continued: "...and when I eat in the morning, it is sore right here" (Pointing to his stomach). So, I asked him a couple of general doctor-like questions like how often he flatulates, whether he drinks on an empty stomach etc. and decided that Gaviscon would do the trick. "If it doesn't work," I concluded, "then call me in the morning".

I had a good chuckle afterwards.

"Thou shalt not bear false...." Oops.


digitaldion said...

That's hilarious!

I haven't had that happen to me yet (although believe me I am quite well aware just how useless my Doctorate is in the REAL world... I have thought that if someone had one leg that was of say 350 some pages shorter than the other I could offer my Disseration for the person to stand on... That's at least of some use... ha ha!)

Now, you will know this better than I do, but I believe in Afrikaans a 'useful' Doctor (i.e., the kind that can fix people) is called a "Dokter" wheras the less useful type (i.e., learned friends such as you, Neville and I) are called "Doktor". Is that correct?

In Grahamstown - where our type of doctors abound (because of the University) the farmers are renown for putting young Doctoral graduates in their place. When such a learned doctor walks into the put they are often asked about various ailments and cures - simply to show how little one knows when you are a "Doktor", rather than a "Dokter".

Ha ha! Silly isn't it!?

However, friend, I can't wait for the day when you and I sit in the front row of the John Wesley College Photo with our RED robes glistening in the sun!

I ordered mine last week - it is FIRE ENGINE red!!!! I hired a REAL one, and then had another one made in toweling (like a big red academic bath robe - it cost 50 bucks... Now at least I can wear it when I get out of the bath, to cover my modesty...)



Doktor D (B.Th, B.Th.Hons, M.Th, PhD. N.O.T-O.F.-M.U.C.H-U.S.E)

digitaldion said...

This discussion warranted a post!

Check it out here: