Sunday, August 20, 2006

Some questions that fry my brain.

Here are some thinks that freak me out.

One must be able to count the amount of gravel-stones used to tar the N1 between Cape Town and Polokwane. What would that number be? In addition, if you were able to scrape all the stones used to make the highway together and make a heap, how big would it be? Seeing that it came from somewhere, we should be missing a couple of mountains.

How much ammo did the Voortrekkers take when they started on the Great Trek? How much did it weigh? Considering the amount of battles and wars, where did they get the lead to make ammo while they were on the move? Is the story of the Great Trek, propoganda?

If the revolution of an electron around a nucleus were experienced in the same manner as we experience the amount of time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun, what would it do to our concept of time? Is there a bigger dimension asking the same question about our experience of time and theirs?

How can a God who superceeds all our knowledge of time, space and experience love this piece of dust so much that God chooses for it to be able to be in relationship with God and in meaningful relationship with other pieces of dust?


digitaldion said...

Goog questions.... When you find the answers, I'd love to know (in fact if you can email me a picture of the pile of rocks that would be just great).

Be careful! You're starting to remind me of Earl from 'My name is Earl'....

I normaly end by saying you're a gift (which you are by the way). Today I'll say your gifted (in the rainman sense of the phrase) Ha Ha! Blessings friend!

digitaldion said...

Sorry, that should read you're (not your). Darn palmtop!

Rock in the Grass said...

Does Dion really mean "goog" questions? I tried Google but they did not have an answer for the one on the dust.
But I tried this other guy Jesus - and he said something about grains of sand - does this count as dust?