Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Try this idea.

This is my second post for today - please don't miss the more important one posted prior to this one.

Last night we watched a very thought-provoking documentary-movie called "What the bleep do we know?!". It is available from most dvd-rentals, so if you're in the mood to think a bit, try this one. I think it is in line with what Dion is doing his doctorate on, and Tim, it follows on from our discussions about Descartes at the DEWCOM meeting.

In the light of this movie, I have been thinking for a while about the notion of fragmentation that exists, not only in the church, but seems to be a natural phenomenon all around us. Working from a revised view about the big-bang and chaos-theory by Stephen Hawking et. al. I am wondering whether fragmentation to the point of infinite exhausted radiation is so much a cosmological phenomenon that natural- or institutional examples of this is something that should not catch us by surprise, but should be telling us that we are on the right track. So, I am working on something entitled "Is God killing the church?" - a phrase borrowed from Stanley Hauerwas.

I would like to hear some comment.

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digitaldion said...

The movie is based on the work of a scientist and theologian called Damasio.

There is a superb book which explicates much of the content of the movie in a more technical and engaging manner. If I can remember it was called "Descartes error"....

cogito cogito ergo cogito sum

(I think, I think, therefore I think I am!)