Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Prof. Moltmann!

On 6 April, Jurgen Moltmann turned 80!

He has made a tremendous contribution to Systematic Theology and his deep spirituality has made this contribution so much more than just another philosophical approach to our understanding of God and of one another.

Moltmann served as a German soldier in WWII and was deeply affected by witnessing a friend die in the midst of battle. His struggle with God and righteousness led him to an understanding of a God who simply, out of love, cannot be seperated from those who experience suffering.

He has been tremendously vocal on the Nuclear Race, the place of Superpowers, the difference between Nationalism and Patriotism and ways in which we experience God in an increasingly post-modern world.

To one of the greats: Happy Birthday Proffessor!


Anonymous said...

Danke für die guten Wünsche. Ich bin sehr erfreut, dem Sie meine Theologie genießen. Gott segnen Sie Wessel, Ihr Freund Jürgen

Gus said...

Would the real Jurgen Moltmann please stand up, please stand up. (That was what slim shady, aka. eminem really wanted to say in his song.)