Friday, February 24, 2006


"In general terms, service is willing, working and doing in which a
person acts not according to his (sic) own purposes or plans but with a
view to the purpose of another person and according to the need,
disposition and direction of others. It is an act whose freedom is
limited and determined by the other's freedom, an act whose glory
becomes increasingly greater to the extent that the doer is not
concerned about his own glory, but about the glory of the other." -
Karl Barth

Can you imagine this form of service in a Government department? What
about your local shopping-store? What a great idea!

I am becoming more aware of the need for the local church to serve in
this way. Why? To please people?

No, we do not serve in order not to receive "customer-complaints". We
serve, because it is what Christ asks of His followers. This does not
mean that this form of service is unique to the Christian-faith.

Consider some other social-paradigms. "Community" is built on service,
cooperation, being less concerned with self and having a greater
awareness of the well-being of others.

Perhaps we can give-up self-centeredness during Lent and learn how to

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digitaldion said...

Yup, you're right. I think this is one of the central tennets of expressing (not just believing) the truth of the Christian faith. The faith / praxis approach is crucial to making the Gospel both effective and believable for self-centered world.

Such a pity that such magnificent insight is inspired by Karl Barth of all people! Just kidding!

Welcome to the 'blogosphere'. I look forward to much inspiritation, challenge and insight.