Thursday, February 23, 2006

A little about me

Hi. My name is Wessel Bentley. I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I serve as a Methodist minister and as a part-time lecturer at John Wesley College - Kilnerton. My field of interest is Systematic Theology and I am currently reading towards a Ph.D. in Dogmatics and Ethics at the University of Pretoria.

Too many sentences in this last paragraph start with "I". More important than any of these things I mentioned is my family. My wife, Natalie, and our son, Matthew are special gifts from God whom I value very much.

This blog is my time-out. So, this will be the place where I share thoughts, sermons and general things concerning my growth as a person. Feel free to interrupt!

Being new to the blogging-scene, do not expect anything too significant very soon. I hope, that with time, what I have to share will prove valuable to you and I know that your comments will aid me in my personhood.

Until we meet again.

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