Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A bad day

What a day!!!

It started off in traffic while taking Matthew to school. In the car behind us was a very pretty lady. At the robot, I admired her beauty, then she stuck her finger in her nose and put it in her mouth. What a day!

Got to the office and met someone in the hallway. Their world had come to an end and I didn't know about it. What a day!

Started marking assignments and am convinced the students do not read a single thing we write. What a day!

Wrote a Bible study on the book of Job. What a day!

Spilled my cup of Milo all over my Bible and textbooks. What a day!

Went to pick Matthew up and he decided to wait at a different gate. After half an hour I found him. What a day!

Went to pick up my wife's new phone. One highlight in my day, another toy to play with. Then they told me they were out of stock. What a day!

Nathan threw up in the car. What a day!

At Bible study I was reminded that someone was not greeted. It was my weekend off and I wasn't there. What a day!

A glass of red wine and some classical music. Ah, what a day!

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