Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A delicate tension

Ministry is tricky. Ministers like being popular and agreeable. We generally don't like confrontation. I certainly don't. But this week has stretched me to the point where I have not been and will not be very popular.

I was told in my Bible study that I have caused discomfort for allowing people to see a different perspective. I know that the person who mentioned it is sincere in her journey and I have to respect her points of view. Furthermore I am in the process of helping a couple realize that they are not ready to make their vows to each other. At this point I certainly can't stand in front of them with a clear conscience when I know they have a lot of work lying ahead.

There are a few other things lined up where I know I will have to speak the truth in love. That is the challenge, isn't it. "Speaking the truth in love". I have to be aware that it is my truth, or the truth I believe that would liberate.

I do not get a kick out of being unpopular or voicing an unpopular opinion. Those closest to me know that I will exhaust all options before drawing a line in the sand. But I believe that in these instances it needs to be done, for there will be more hurt and the cost will be greater if things continue as they are.

Please pray for me to have sufficient wisdom, to be generous in grace and have the courage to say the unpopular things in love.


Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow) said...

Eish: it is tough. My favourite OT prophet is Jeremiah. This is because I really identify with his struggle to speak an unpopular truth.

And I am convinced that when someone struggles to speak a truth, but still does it - this carries its own integrity.

Praying for you.

digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...


Trevor said...

Hey not easy-and also a challenge for me.