Saturday, October 03, 2009

Global Leadership Summit

I haven't been inspired by church like this in a very long time! For the past two days we've been attending the Global Leadership Summit in Boksburg, South Africa. I must admit, I didn't raise my expectations too much in anticipation of the conference. This is mostly because the synods and Conference I usually attend offer the "same old, same old" - talk without purpose, politics without action, egos without servanthood, careering without calling. You know what I mean. But this was different. Leaders from all different spheres of life shared their experiences of leadership and spoke about what they thought the local church could do to make a difference.

It was truly inspirational stuff and once again, I believe that the local church can make a difference. The key, for me, in this Summit, is to resist the temptation to cut-and-paste ministries into our congregational life. None of the speakers spoke of a "magic formula" or "recipe for success". All of them spoke about God calling them to action in their context, addressing the problems in their local reality. I am inspired by their ability to listen. During this past year, we have had as our theme at the Glen "Listening to the voice of God". This Summit was the cherry on the cake. We will listen some more to the uncomfortable call of the comforting Voice.

This was good for my soul.


digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Hey Wes,

Thanks for this post. I have also been blessed and encouraged by the leadership summits in the past.

I enjoyed the manner in which they truly help one to realise that you can make a significant difference where you are, with the resources you have. I also enjoyed the fact that it was so practical and that there is something of a community of support, care and encouargement around the summit.

Glad you were inspired!



Delme Linscott said...

Hey Wes
Cool post. We are off to the Summit in Durban this weekend and I am looking forward to it. It normally comes at a busy time for us and I often feel that I can't afford two days away from the 'grindstone' - however, in the end I often leave feeling inspired.

I look forward to this year's input with greater enthuiasm after your post.