Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A word from the Lord

This Sunday, a lady from our congregation who knows a bit of what has been going on in my life, came to me and told me that she has a word from the Lord for me. I am usually suspicious of these "words", but her sincerity and message resonated well with where I am. I would like to share what she put down on paper. This is a translation from the Afrikaans:

You stood in front of me with your face and whole body creased like a dishcloth that had just been squeezed out. All of a sudden love, peace and God's glory started shining through your face. Peace, relief, faith, love and all that is beautiful to God beamed through you, because God 'squeezed' all the anger out of you, like one dries a cloth. Your path is open and is like that of a newborn child. 'Be of good courage, my son, for God has heard your prayers and they will be answered in His time'. A word of caution: Be careful of head-knowledge. Become like a small child and feed on your Father in Heaven. Be of good courage, beware and spend more time with God to be healed.

As I say, I treat these with caution, but this was something that I needed to hear and I trust that God has heard my prayers. I will continue to look after my health and hope that when the follow-up exam comes in six months time, I will receive good news. This has been a tough year.

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digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...


I am thankful that she had the courage to share this word with you! It is truly encouraging!

Over the last year I have come to understand that God can speak in whatever manner God chooses! Even through charismatic Christians! Of course, like you, my training and ministry has taught me to be cautious of such supernatural activities. However, I emphasize that I am cautious, not unbelieving! In the last 16 months I have witnessed the best (and the worst) of people who have enough faith to believe that God still operates in both natural and supernatural ways!

I would encourage you to be prayerful, and thankful, that God should wish to speak to you. What I do know for certain is that God certainly wants to comfort you, to offer you peace and the knowledge that your life is firmly held in God's mighty and loving hands! I thank God for this word to you.

With love and blessing!