Friday, June 05, 2009

Back home

I am back home after my operation. They call the operation a Nissen-procedure. By the costs, they should have named it a BMW-procedure.

They made 5 holes on my stomach and then did the following by means of telescopic surgery:

1. Pull the stomach down through the diaphragm;
2. Tighten the hole in the diaphragm;
3. Wrap my stomach around the esophagus to make a one-way valve.

This way I will not get reflux into my esophagus again.

It is pretty sore, but the doctor reckons the operation was a success. Now I'm booked off until Thursday.

This was step 1. As soon as the Halo360 technology arrives in SA (a couple of months), We'll discuss zapping the Barretts and removing it completely. Thanks for all the prayers, messaged and telephone calls. It is much appreciated.

Now back to my soup, jelly and fruit juice diet (for a month!)


digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Hey Wes,

I am so pleased that everything went well. I thought of you constantly while I was away and you were in my daily prayers!

I am thankful to God that the surgery went off well and I shall be praying with you for a complete recovery.

As for soup and fruit... It's not too bad! I've been on a soup and fruit diet for the past 50 days. It sure clears the nonsense out of one's system!

Love and blessing my friend!

Andrew said...


So glad that your op went well. You have been and will continue to be in my prayers...

Be strong Mate.