Saturday, December 13, 2008

On holiday

I take leave twice a year, two weeks in July and then two weeks in December. This year we went to Manzi Monate, about 20 mins drive from our home. In the previous post you'll see the Roodeplaat dam. The dam itself is quite dirty, largely due to sewage pumped into it from a nearby town. It is good to see that authorities are trying to clean it up.

Unfortunately I could only spend some of the time there with my family. A day before we left our Labrador, Chrissie, had to have some teeth pulled. She is getting quite old and is allergic to grass. From the constant scratching she broke some of her teeth, resulting in this small, but very pricey operation. I spent aa couple of days at home looking after her while Nat, the boys and my in-laws went away. I then later replaced my in-laws. No, let me put the records straight; the day I arrived at Manzi, they left. No bad feelings, it was planned that way.

Anyway, we are back, full of mosquito bites and a little boy who learnt to jump on a trampoline, play hide-and-seek and count to 15.


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