Friday, November 21, 2008

Exams. Students. Ja-wat

I am busy marking first year ethics scrips. I love marking as you sometimes come across hilarious things the students come up with. How is this one?

"Gender is about sexuality, namely male and female. When we stop bitten around the bush on this issue..."

I first had to get up from the floor after falling off my chair with laughter, compose myself and then decide that the student was talking about people not taking the issue seriously.

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digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Yes, indeed, gender can be something of a painful issue... But, there is also the possibility of pleasure!

I have longed to be 'bitten' by a certain member of the opposite sex, Megan Forster... You may know her? I married her in 1994 after knowing her since about 1982... Boy, she could give a lovely 'love bite' when we were giggly, naughty, hormone crazed teenagers!

On my tombstone it shall read "whip me, beat me, bite me... just do it quietly I am trying to read"


Of course there is the OTHER perspective on this theme... I have been told by more than one spurned lover of the years "bite me" (along the lines of "get stuffed!")

That is a lot less fun that being bitten by the one you love...