Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thanks for reminding me

Natalie's gran "Oumie" passed away a couple of months ago. Our four year old, Matthew, was very fond of her.

This morning, as Matt and I drove to Nat's mom's house, he turned to me and asked: "Pappa, where is Oumie?".

"She is with Jesus, Matthew." I replied.

"She died?"

"Yes, Matthew. She died."

"Why Pappa?"

"Because Oumie was very sick and she was very old. When people get very old, they get sick and then sometimes they die. It happens to everybody."

"Pappa, you are old.", and then I saw his lip quivering.

A sobering moment. In my rattled state I told him that I would do my best to be alive until he is very big.

I've never seen anybody be so happy that I am trying my best not to kick the bucket.

I hope this episode didn't jinx my efforts.

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