Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'm coming up for air

So, I haven't blogged for a while. I've been fairly busy during the past couple of weeks.
First, I am busy setting up our denomination's Doctrine and ethics blogspot. Go check out this work in progress at This has kept me off the streets as my good friend Dion taught me how to ftp. Quite simple actually. Most things are if you know what you are doing.
On Friday I submitted the second draft of my thesis. Prof Wethmar looked pleased as he scanned through it, but will let me know next week about its acceptability. After that I have to make several copies for the external examiners as well as the defense committee. The defense will probably take place a few weeks after the externals have marked it. Then I have to write an article for a journal (I have already published one from my thesis, so now I don't have to write two).
Then there is Bertie (check previous blog-entries). I got him running, but he doesn't want to idle. SO, if there is someone technically minded out there, your advise will be appreciated. Bertie smokes quite a lot, but that is forgivable. When he is running, I have to open the throttle a bit to keep him going. Turning the idle screw does not affect the idling speed at all and when I close the mixing screw, he runs at his best. While running, he also dies when I pull out the choke. I think he is sucking air somewhere, probably through a cracked head. The engine will probably need to be overhauled, because I think the smoke is indicative of rings that need replacing.
What boggles my mind is that he has a lot of power. I took my brother for a spin and with 2 adults on, we reached 70km/h. Not too shabby. Any advise before I strip the carb and the engine?
Blessings to all.


digitaldion said...

Hey Wes!

Well done with the second draft of your Thesis! One day you will be able to scare other graduate students with tales of working through the night, sleeping one or two hours a day for weeks on end, and doing endless rewrites.... They'll quake in their boots at your stamina, and sacrifice!

Of course it's all true! I have long since said that it was madness, and not intelligence, that got me through my doctoral studies.

BUT, when you are Dr Bentley, you won't care whether you're mad or not! It will just be a joy to hear people say Dr Bentley! I am still getting used to being Dr Forster.... I have been preaching and Easter Mission at the Rand Park Ridge United Church, and so at each service I have been introduced as Dr. Forster... I still think, who the heck is this guy, and then I remember.... I slept for two hours a night for 18 years, ate tar and drank nothing but paraffin, I wrote until my fingers were nothing but bloody stumps and my head was numb with knowledge! Ha ha, am the madness that is a Doctor (die geleerde soort, nie die bruikbare soort wat mense kan reg maak nie)!

As to your Vespa... Not sure why he won't idle. It sounds like a carb problem to me.

As to smoke... IT'S A TWO STROKE! If it aint smoking you don't have enough oil in it!!! ;-)

Rest well my doctor friend! You deserve it!

Rock in the Grass said...

Breathe smoke brother. It is a two-stroke. Like a lawn mower!

Tatiana said...

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