Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Meet Bertie

Here he is, my own little Vespa. He was born in 1984, his dad was well endowed and passed on the p150x gene.

Oh, I'm so happy, I could sommer gorrel Sunlight soap!

Bertie is named after my grandfather Hubertus van Goeverden (my Dutch oupa) who passed him down to me. I am very fortunate, because Oupa Goewies wanted to get rid of him. I came along, eyed the bike, and the next minute he was all mine!

Please take note, that Bertie is a he. I've got enough trouble as it is.

Nevertheless, Bertie doesn't want to start. This convinces me that there is a measure of gender-confusion in Bertie's psyche. Please note that I deliberately use the term "gender-confused" as this is, unlike homosexuality, a psychological abnormality (according to my textbook on Psychopathology - Sue, Sue and Sue).
I am in two minds about how to treat this problem. I can either send Bertie for professional help. This may cost a bit, but he will be sorted out in no time. Or, I can understake to practice my skills and take Bertie on as a medium- to longterm project. The costs may be less, but you never know - I might just mess him up some more, ending up sending him to a pro afterall!
Pray for me as I make this vital decision.
And Dion, thanks for drawing my attention to the beauty of Vespa's. Otherwise I would have never eyed it in my Oupa's garage.


digitaldion said...

Wow! What a beauty!!! I love those two tone panels! Look, he is only a spring chicken compared to my two old girls. But nonetheless, he is a fine specimen in a long line of Italian styling!

I also love the chrome rack on the back. You can load at least 3 children, two chickens, a donkey, a double bed mattress and all of your Doctoral research on there (well in India that is).

I am sure that all that she needs is a good cleaning out of the Carb, a new spark plug, cleaning of the air filter and viola she will purr like a kitten!

This is by far the best scooter DIY website on the net (they have pictures and everything!) Check it out:

Welcome to bliss, oh glorious bliss! Like children, once you've owned a Vespa, your life can never be the same again. The style, the poise, the fact that you can put your books on the floor between your feet, wear a suit, a cassock (as in Italy) and not look silly doing so... There is nothing quite like it.

Just ask my students as I buz up the chapel for communion on a Tuesday morning wearing a clerical shirt, with a bag full of books, a laptop, a box full of marking, and sometimes even a guitar!

Rock in the Grass said...

hey Boet
You have taken the first rung of the ladder. Welcome to the world of freedom from traffic queues.