Monday, October 09, 2006

Exams again!

At the beginning of this year I enrolled for 4 second-year Psychology subjects: Research in Social Science, Child and Adolescent Development, Personality Theory and Counselling Skills. Tomorrow I start with a whole series of exams. Why am I updating my blog? Because I am avoiding the books a bit longer. (Studied the whole day and am now a bit "gatvol").

Please pray for me.

It has been 7 years since I last wrote exams. Having done a lot of post-grad work, writing assignments, journal articles, dissertations, a thesis and presenting papers at conferences, it is now quite akward having to "cram" again. It feels nice - it reminds me of my time at John Wesley College (probably the most enjoyed time of my life) and the history that went along with it.

If you are bored and disinterested with life, then try this: enroll for a few courses somewhere and get an adrenalin-rush that will open up new perspectives in your world. It did so for me.

Blessings to all.


digitaldion said...

I think it is this work that has made you such a good lecturer! You can understand the pressure that the students are facing.

BUT, perhaps more importantly you can see through their feeble excuses at trying to get out of work! They are full time students. You run a Church, are completing a Doctorate, you're a dad, you've published this year, spoken at 2 conferences.... AND done 4 undergraduate subjects!

Inspiring indeed!

Gus said...

Fair comment Doctor D. But you must remember - us probationers do not have the magical powers bestowed upon us through the laying on of hands at our ordination....

And we're lazy.