Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another challenge from Barth

“What causes conflict in the Church? We are told here that it arises because in the Church there emerge people with the best intentions and Christian zeal who no longer understand aright the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in its unique redeeming power, who even fear and hate it and who extol and demand in its place or alongside it (as if anything could stand alongside it!) fulfiment of the Law as the condition for the salvation of man. This means tempting God and leading men astray and overthrowing their souls.” Barth

No sermon this week, but something else to think about. If you are wondering why Barth features so often in this blog, then here is the answer: I read a hang-of-a-lot of and by this guy. My thesis is on his ecclesiology and so, you can imagine where I spend my spare-time.

The more you read Barth, the more you appreciate his perspectives. I often wonder whether those who don't like him actually read anything written by him...(Certainly not you Dion, at least you read).

I am busy chewing on this, especially in the light of different opinions passionately raised and defended concerning the church's attitude towards homosexuality.

Blessings to all.

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digitaldion said...

MMmmm... Challenging indeed! I have been forcing myself to read Barth (you have to read Barth to understand Hauerwas, or so Neville tells me!)...

Although, I'll confess I haven't been doing too much reading. I have been doing a LOT of writing though!

Blessings for Easter,