Wednesday, March 10, 2010


While Julius Malema was singing "Shoot the Boers" at an ANC Youth league rally, farmers were being killed in the Limpopo province.

And no black political leader said anything.

I find this sad. I find a great inconsistency in our country. If any white person uttered the words "Shoot the Zulu's" or "Shoot the Xhosa's", they would have reason to fear for their lives. In fact, when someone dared finger the presidential convoy, this person was arrested and humiliated by the authorities.

I want to believe in this country. I want to believe in its potential. I want to believe that my children can grow up here without having to apologize for being white.

Somehow we all need to reach the place where we share a common responsibility for building a nation which looks beyond race. This Sunday I am preaching on the Old Testament lectionary reading. The people of Israel had to rededicate themselves to God. They ate of the fruit of the land (God fulfilled the promise)...and the Manna stopped falling (now they had to take responsibility). I think this passage is speaking to us.