Monday, July 24, 2017

Mischief during midterm break

Midterm is a bad idea
This is my dad’s opinion
What else has the power to transform
This sweet boy into a minion?

So, I was supposed to sleep
‘til seven or ‘til eight
A sunrise drum-roll I thought good
Now the drums are out the gate

Breakfast seemed a good idea
For everyone in bed
The kitchen in a mess I left
And out the door I fled

Into the garden I did go
Garden sheers in hand
To prune the roses for my mom
Now there’s nothing left but sand

My doggy, Roxy helped me dig
She was full of mud
I quickly poured her a bubble-bath
The house was then in flood

What is a boy supposed to do
Water flowing down the hall?
I skated like a real old pro
And never once did fall

My parents rose eventually
Speechless at the sight
My mommy climbed right back in bed
My dad still stunned with fright

Of course this poem exaggerates
Dad says its only play
But now that I am back at school
For my teachers he will pray

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